Editor’s note: This story has been changed to clarify the relationship between MCDEVCO and the EEC. Wausau Pilot & Review regrets any confusion.

By Shereen Siewert

MCDEVCO has relocated to the Entrepreneur and Education Center in Wausau.

The EEC is “a one stop service center for startup and existing businesses throughout the region to access trusted advisors, educators and capital in order to establish critical business practices that should lead to the successes of business owners,” according to the group’s mission statement. MCDEVCO has now relocated to the EEC’s 72nd Avenue location in Wausau.

Executive Director Vicki Resech, in a news release, said the new role fits into MCDEVCO’s strategic plan, which is centered around entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“This is a natural next step for the nonprofit,” Resech said. “This new role fits into our entrepreneurial development strategy along with our educational classes, 35 business mentors, and GEARS Center.”

Formerly the Wausau Business Incubator, the EEC helped dozens of entrepreneurs and small businesses launch through a mix of targeted programs since the organization’s inception. Located in Wausau’s business park, the EEC helps entrepreneurs form a business plan, give them space to start a business and provide advice along the way.

Resech said MCDEVCO has to date administered nearly $400,000 in COVID grants and forgivable loans through the city of Wausau’s Care Funds and donations from the Community Foundation, Incredible Bank, Incredible Foundation and Intercity State Bank. Moving forward, MCDEVCO will distribute additional funds for City of Wausau small businesses including grants, forgivable loans and IT. Applications will begin for a grant program for women owned small businesses throughout Marathon County at the end of January.

“As the pandemic continues, MCDEVCO understands the struggle that small business are facing throughout the county and have applied for a $500,000.00 grant to assist them,” Resech said.