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Dear editor,

I recently received an email from Congressman Tiffany regarding the Trump impeachment. Here is my response:

Congressman Tiffany,

You said we should “turn down the temperature,” and  and that you are “disappointed  to see Speaker Pelosi regrettably decide to move forward with yet another partisan impeachment against former President Trump — despite the fact that he was already acquitted by the Senate once, and has already left office. I do not support this misguided effort, which is transparently political and will further divide the country.”

Former Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said:  “The mob was fed lies,  they were provoked by the president and other powerful people.”  You congressman, were one of the powerful people who spread the lies; five people are dead, our nations Capitol was defiled and,  just like President Trump, you  bear responsibility.

President Trump has committed a high crime by inciting a mob to  violence against our government, our country and our Constitution.  Like any citizen who commits a crime, he must be held accountable.  The impeachment is not  “transparently political,”  it’s  a criminal trial.

What is transparently political and staggeringly hypocritical, is politicians like yourself, who profess to be law and order “conservatives,”  who then turn a blind eye to violent insurrection and sedition.  One can well imagine your response to an armed mob of Black Lives Matters protestors breaking the Capitol’s  windows, invading the building, erecting gallows, beating police officers – one to death- vandalizing the building and replacing our country’s flag  with one of their own.

I can say with certainty you would demand prosecution of those who called for the assembly and  incited the  mob to violence.  President Trump should be convicted, and you sir should resign.

Rick Plonsky, Harshaw