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Dear editor,

The purpose of this letter is to publicly thank Senator Ron Johnson and Congressman Tom Tiffany for standing for truth.  The backlash against them is sickening and grossly unfair.

If Biden was serious about creating unity, he would have stood next to Trump and demanded a full and honest audit and investigation of the all of the obvious election “irregularities.” Actually the irregularities are crimes. Instead he and his co conspirators work hard to “destroy the messenger.” If  the multitude of eye witnesses who testified under oath are lying, then why are they  being persecuted instead of prosecuted? The anti Trumpers, both Democrats and Rinos look extremely guilty by the way they are acting.

And why did our legislature certify the vote without checking any of the “irregularities?”  Some things could be checked so easily. For instance, precincts that reported more votes than voters.  If it’s true that even one such precinct exists, how could you certify the vote?  Also they refused to clean up the voter registration list, as required by law.  Also a multitude of reports on dead people and non existent people voting.  How hard would it be to check this out?  But no, they can’t be bothered to do their job, but sit back and watch the vicious slander of anyone who calls for truth and integrity.

And speaking of guilt, false and malicious prosecution is a CRIME!! Pelosi did it twice with her ridiculous impeachment proceedings. Her utter disregard for the Constitution and proper legal procedures are easily proven.  Just Google “False and malicious prosecution” and you will see a perfect definition of what Pelosi has done with impeachment.

SO, why is no one talking about this?  If someone were to run with this we could get many, perhaps millions of signatures on a petition supporting that person.  President Trump of course, is the one who has been harmed the most, but  we have all been harmed.  Is it possible to file a class action law suit?  Even if it failed,  it sure would be an interesting endeavor.

Many of us would like answers to these questions.

David Luepke, Edgar