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By Nate Fiene, Village of Weston Trustee

Last year, the world did not know as much as we do now about the coronavirus
pandemic. I supported opening the Aquatic Center as long as the Village could do
it in a safe manner. The Parks Department worked very hard to make it safe for all
patrons. Unfortunately, due to a confluence of events, the WAC ran a substantial

This year, with the world knowing more about the coronavirus and vaccines
remaining effective across all strains of covid, I am supportive of opening the
WAC in principle. As far as CDC recommendations go, we hit just about all of
them: outdoors, chlorinated pool, extra cleaning, and masks when inside the
facility. Given all that, I am convinced that the pool can open safely. My biggest
concern now is the economic impact.

The Aquatic Center is popular, without question. I worked there for a number of
summers and saw firsthand how much everyone enjoyed coming. I do not,
however, believe it is a wise use of taxpayer funds to run such a large deficit again.
While I share the desire to see it open, it is not on the same level as public safety
services, plowing streets, or road construction.

If staff comes up with a plan that shows the Weston Aquatic Center can run
without too many restrictions and be cost-effective, I am inclined to support
opening it for the year. If we are unable to run it in a cost-effective way, then I will
likely oppose it. In an era of shrinking municipal budgets, every penny matters.

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