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Dear editor,

If you make the lie big enough and tell it often enough people will believe it.

I do not know who gets credit for coming up with that philosophy, but it is alive and well today. The liars are not happy with just one lie, but have hit us with a blizzard of lies.  By so doing, they have made more people aware of the fact that the so called “mainstream” Press is nothing more than the propaganda arm of the left wing movement in this country.  

What motivates these people is a puzzle to anyone who loves America, but it would appear as though they labor under the illusion that they will be part of the “elite” when the rest of us are slaves to the Government.  If they were smart enough to actually study the history of Socialism/Communism, they might be in for a big unpleasant surprise.

It would take a lot of time to list all of the lies that masquerade as news so I will focus on a very important one.  Over and over again we hear or read that the November Election was clean, legal and fair.  Or they might say that all of the allegations of election  irregularities (crimes) have been debunked.  There are many ways to  disprove those statements, but I will focus on one and that is the very legitimate Public Hearing that Senator Ron Johnson held in the Capitol.  I watched it live on TV so I know what I am talking about.  There were several witnesses with impressive credentials who testified UNDER OATH  and presented evidence that no one has “debunked.”  Senator Johnson has come under extreme pressure because of his quest for truth and God Bless him for standing strong.

And where were the rest of the Republicans?  Even in states where they control the legislature, most went ahead and certified the vote with little or no effort to get at the truth.  A clear dereliction of duty.  But it gets worse when Mitch McConnell says that Trump is lying about the election fraud and therefore was responsible for the riots at the Capitol.  He made no effort whatsoever to help Senator Johnson expose the truth.

I maintain that if he, as leader of the Senate had done his job, there would have been no need for the rally at the Capitol or anywhere else. So indirectly Mitch, the blame lies more on you than anyone else.  With leadership comes responsibility and you failed miserably.

Also Mitch, what are you doing to get at the truth about the people who actually did the violence?  Have you bothered to mention that the Speaker of The House is in charge of Capitol Security?  Are you doing anything to find out what she knew and when she knew it and why  she turned down all offers and suggestions for more security?  And is it true that the first rioter arrested was from ANTIFA?  Is it true that he was paid by CNN?

Many questions remain unanswered and truth be told, the Commission being set up to look into all of this has very little credibility due to the past actions of some of those involved.  So many of us feel desperate for strong and honest leadership.  We are fortunate to have it from Senator Johnson and Congressman Tom Tiffany and a hand full of others.  We need to do our best to encourage them and let them know we care.  Those who tell us to just wait for the next election are not helping at all because at this point, we simply cannot trust the election.  I am certain that we have honest elections in this area, but we are being cancelled out by the disregard for election law in other parts of the State.

As long as we have people like Mitch McConnell in leadership positions, there is very little hope of getting anything done.  He not only failed to do his duty but viciously attacked Trump and anyone else who tells the truth about the problem. It’s going to take a lot of work to overcome that sort of thing, but the good news is that  74 million Trump backers show no sign of giving up. Count me as one of them and with God’s help, we will prevail.

David Luepke, Edgar