(WAUSAU, WI)- The Wausau RiverWolves took on the Oregon Tradesmen Saturday night  at Marathon Park Ice Arena in a NA3HL Central Division contest. Heading into the game  Wausau trailed in the season series two games to five. 

The first period came and went with no scoring from both of the teams but not without  action. Nate Brown of the RiverWolves ended up getting a 20 minute penalty 12  minutes into the first for taking off an opponent’s helmet, as well as a 2 minute penalty  for roughing.

The second period remained scoreless until Trey Bociek of the RiverWolves  scored at the 8:45 mark with assists by Richard Zupan and JJ Martin. This was the only  scoring through the second period, but there were penalties on both sides.

The third  period came with lots of action the RiverWolves scored at the 6:45 mark thanks to Pavel  Bakhtin and with assists by Hayden Shoemake and Richard Zupan. Sam VanderHoeven  of the Tradesmen scored at the 9:21 mark into the third with assist by Devin Hays and  Abe Laggis, making the score 2-1 for the RiverWolves.

After an intense third period,  Caleb Sauer proved to be a key player in this game as he blocked many attempted  shots from the Tradesmen, ultimately leading the RiverWolves into a 2-1 final. 

Join the RiverWolves for fan appreciation presented by Trig’s next Saturday, March 20th at 7:10pm.