Dear editor,

I feel relief over the passing of the American Rescue Plan. This plan is widely supported by 75 percent of Americans as it helps real people – the people of the lower and middle income classes. 

It is equivalent in amount to the large tax cut to billionaires and exceptionally large companies the Republicans in 2018 that benefited the upper .1 percent of the country. In contrast, the American Rescue Plan will help get vaccines to the states, reopen schools, and help out retirement plans that were depleted. This plan will also help reopen small businesses and restaurants that were closed for COVID, that previous plans did not touch. Stimulus checks for people will be in the mail by the end of the month if they meet income requirements. Checks to families with children will be started every month, putting a real dent in child poverty. These are some of the main takeaways of the bill to help real people – the working people of America. 

Not all people are as excited about this law. Take Senator Ron Johnson for example. He is one of the 12 richest people in Congress and voted against helping the real people of this country. His past antics have included glorifying and praising the Russians as our friends. He supported overturning the Wisconsin election results in which the majority of Wisconsinites voted for President Joe Biden and making Donald Trump the 45th president, the authoritarian dictator of the country for life, like maybe communist Fidel Castro and family are of Cuba.  Our election results were rechecked and no one found any fraud. 

Johnson took an oath on Monday, Jan. 4, 2021, to uphold the U.S. Constitution and the laws of the land over any other action. By Wednesday, Jan. 6, 2021, he went back on his word and his oath and supported overturning the election results. He has perpetuated “The Big Lie” of Trump winning. Today, March 12, 2021, he stated he was not scared on Jan. 6, 2021, because the people were not dangerous, but good people. Some of these good people are known felons, white supremacy supporters, oath keepers, and good boys, who on that day assaulted, injured, wanted to hang or kill Democratic Congress people and the vice president, killed Capital Hill police, and destroyed $50 million worth of property. But in his racist words, these were not people of Black Lives Matter, he had nothing to fear, because these people were white people.

It is unbelievable that someone, and especially a U.S. Senator, would say this outlandish language to the press. What has happened to the Republican Party? How can anyone vote for Republicans? Johnson is not the only one who voted against his oath and his word in Congress from Wisconsin. Rep. Tom Tiffany, Rep. Scott Fitzgerald, and others also went back on their words to support “The Big Lie” that Trump had won the election, when in fact he did not. They are not voting to help the real people – the working people of the nation. They are an embarrassment to the state of Wisconsin. Please vote these people out at the polls!


Terry Ugoretz of Rib Mountain 

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