Editor’s note: This letter has been edited to remove verifiably false information at the request of the Wausau School District. The original letter stated: “Over the last year, they were the only district in the county to keep the middle and high schools closed – until only this month.” This is false. The secondary schools opened up with hybrid instruction on Nov. 2, 2020 based on an Oct. 12, 2020 board vote.

Dear editor,

My wife and I raised five children and have 13 grandchildren. Raising kids who are productive upon finishing their education is important to us. Having lived in the Wausau district only eight years, most of our kids’ education has been in other communities. We have seen quality public education in some places, and some lesser quality in others.

One of the things we saw when moving to this area was a solid school district. Unfortunately, over the last couple years the (Wausau) School Board seems to have gotten themselves more wrapped up in what I would call social engineering than they are in high academic standards. Incredibly, four board members, including the president who is seeking reelection, consistently voted to keep the schools closed.

It is time for fresh leadership. I have had extensive interaction with three new candidates for the board of education, Karen Vandenberg, Cody Nikolai and Jon Creisher. I have been impressed by their knowledge and passion for quality education. They have been engaged, attending board meetings, communicating with parents, teachers and administrators. I am convinced that these three candidates, along with the incumbent Pat McKee will put the focus back on academics, communication with stakeholders and fiscal accountability. I urge you to join me in voting for Creisher, Vandenberg, Nikolai and McKee on April 6.

Jack Hoogendyk of Wausau 

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