MARSHFIELD – Marshfield Medical Center in Marshfield has created a new EMS coordinator team that will help build stronger working relationships with local first responders and medical units at the hospital, it announced this week.

Excellence in emergency patient care starts with the patient’s call for help. Many roles are involved, from the 911 dispatcher, emergency medical responder, emergency medical technicians of all levels, police and fire department personnel to the staff in the emergency department to ensure that every patient receives quality care to manage their emergency.

Karen Fluegel, a registered nurse in the hospital’s emergency department, and Kristin Taylor, a critical-care paramedic who works in our urgent care and with United Ambulance Service, will take on joint responsibility of EMS coordinators at Marshfield Medical Center.

“Karen and Kristin play an important part in supporting emergency management directives for the community and our hospital,” said Dr. Clint McKee, emergency department medical director, in a news release. “They will work side by side with our service lines in the pursuit of excellent EMS service for the communities we serve, a vital role as we help support our EMS crews.” 

The EMS coordinators role supports more than 20 hospital service lines that serve the surrounding community.

Fluegel has 30 years of experience in health care; 24 of these years are in EMS. She is currently an emergency medical responder, advanced medical technician, firefighter and emergency department nurse.

Taylor is clinically trained and has spent the past 12 years working pre-hospital and with experience as a first responder, intercept paramedic, emergency department, pre-hospital 911 and urgent care roles.