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Dear Editor,

Robert Heinlein once said “Never underestimate the power of human stupidity.”  This last week I received my first shot against the Covid-19 virus. Governor Evers and his team have put Wisconsin in first place for vaccination   distributions in the whole country. Evers kept us safe with his mask mandates and public health orders throughout this pandemic. This last week the conservative  Wi Supreme Court ruled with the Republicans that Evers overstepped his authority in keeping us safe with the mask mandates.

Maybe the Republicans and those non mask wearing citizens did not know that once the mandate was struck down Wisconsin lost 55 thousand  dollars in food aid every month. This is hard to believe that they are that ignorant since it was brought up in January when they tried the same antic and it was stopped by the Democrats for this reason. I hope the Republicans have deep pockets to pick up the tab and support schools, nursing homes, shelters, meals on wheels, and any other institution that receives subsidies to feed the masses. Wisconsinites should not have to pay for the Republicans’ stupidity by having an increase on our taxes.

Now, we have Covid-19 monies coming to the state and the Republicans want to relieve Gov. Evers of the task of distributing it to the people who need it. When the American Rescue plan was written by Democrats there were caveats in place that stated if the monies were not used to help the unemployed, the homeless, and the ailing citizens the state would have to pay back the Federal Government for all monies. That means Representative Pat Snyder’s statement on TV that the Republicans want to use it for property tax relief is illegal and Wisconsin will have to pay back the monies to the Federal government. The Republicans will not be able to put their fingers in the bank to dole out to their rich friends unless they want Wisconsinites to pay back the monies and that would actually raise our taxes again.

Thirdly, in 2018 the Wisconsin legislators met for 12 months out of the year. Their reimbursed expenses, over and above their $53,000 annual salaries, was roughly $28,000 for the whole legislative body. In 2019, their expenses were $55,000 after meeting the whole year. Now in 2020, they met for four months and their reimbursed expenses are a whooping $555,000. Rep. Snyder, Representative Spiros, and Senator Petrowski have not gone to the presses or news stations to explain the increase of over 1000 percent of expenses. Are they getting rich at the tax payers expense? Are they committing fraud turning in exaggerated expense forms? Who is checking on this? Why is this swept under the rug? All great questions that I would love to listen to the responses. This $555,000 could be a start at lowering the property taxes in the state, if that is what they really want, but instead it went into their pockets.

Rep. Voss told his sheep that Wisconsin did not need the $2 million in Medicaid monies two years ago, just because they could. So, his sheep followed along and voted “no”, costing Wisconsinites more in helping people that need help due to illness. Incidentally, the Republicans have snubbed the Medicaid monies every year it has been in place. We could get the money back if we elected people who could have the good of Wisconsin in mind and not their party. This would also decrease our property taxes.

Finally, think about these things every single day until election. Want lower property taxes, want to help the poor get off the ranks of poverty, want to have a strong Wisconsin, then please vote these people out and start fresh and new – with people who really care. Vote out Republicans and the stupidity. My pocketbook cannot afford much more of them. Can yours?


Terry Ugoretz, Wausau