By Shereen Siewert

Gas prices are continuing to tick slowly upward around the country, with Wisconsin as one of the 10 states with the largest increase in average prices.

But so far, gas in the Wausau area has remained largely flat in the past few weeks. Experts say that could change as demand for fuel rises.

“Last week saw limited upward movement in gas prices, tying the previous high water mark we last saw in March, signaling that perhaps we may see additional upside as most states in the nation have finished the transition to EPA-mandated summer gasoline,” said Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy.

The average price per gallon in Marathon County today is $2.70, according to AAA, lower than the state average of $2.73. The highest recorded average price in Wausau happened in 2011 when gas was $4.11 per gallon, AAA reports.

Last week’s demand estimate is one of the highest since March 2020, when social distancing restrictions were established that dramatically reduced gas demand, and is in line with typical spring driving season rates seen pre-pandemic, according to AAA.

De Haan and other fuel experts predict demand will continue to rebound in the weeks ahead, pushing gas prices higher.

“For now, however, it doesn’t appear that any rise in price would be significant, so motorists shouldn’t be too concerned at this point, but may see average prices inch higher,” De Haan said.