Dear editor,

Your article on Gov. Desantis should scare the daylights out of every freedom-loving American. Or for that matter, anywhere in the world.

You pointed out that YouTube has removed 800,000 videos, Instagram over a million, while Twitter has removed 8,400 Tweets and challenged 11.5 million. 

They all claim they did it in an effort to stop “false information.”  First of all, who appointed them as judge and jury over what is true or false? Where are their qualifications? And even if they were qualified, this is or was a free country with a constitutional guarantee to the right of free speech, even if it IS wrong.

But much of the censored speech in regard to COVID is NOT wrong and there is plenty of evidence to prove it. Very successful doctors have been censored, black listed and threatened, and if you don’t believe me, just check out Sen. Ron Johnson’s legitimate public hearing where strong and helpful evidence was being presented by highly qualified people. It was taken down, black listed and Sen. Johnson has been falsely and maliciously vilified by the so-called “mainstream” press.

COVID is something new to the world and we started out knowing nothing about it. The so-called science that we are told to rely on has been all over the place with supposedly qualified people, such as Dr Fauci, changing their story on a regular basis. This proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that the science is not settled and sensible people, such as Sen. Johnson, are doing their best to get as much information as possible. It is quite possible that the effort to stop the gathering of information has caused a lot of unnecessary harm and even death. Plenty of studies and statistics to prove that.

Anyone who takes the time to sort through all of this can see that for some, it never was about solving the COVID problem, but rather an opportunity to see how far they could go with getting people to blindly follow orders.

Thank God many people are starting to wake up to that fact and hopefully there are enough of us left that are willing to fight back and keep at least some of our freedoms guaranteed under the Constitution.

Dave Luepke of Edgar

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