Scenic trails, lakes and rivers throughout the Northwoods will soon take center stage in Nicolet College’s Outdoor Adventure program as the series prepares to kick off its 25th anniversary season. 

From May through October the program will feature more than 30 different offerings, said Terry Rutlin, Outdoor Adventure coordinator. 

“Everything is geared toward giving people new outdoor experiences and creating the opportunity for individuals to learn new skills,” Rutlin said. “All the way around it’s a great way for people who share a common interest to get together to do something they really enjoy. Now more than ever people are enjoying time outside on the trails and on the water.” 

Classes last anywhere from a couple hours to almost a full day. 

Upcoming offerings will include kayaking, canoeing and paddleboard classes, mountain biking, hunting and fishing offerings, as well as classes that focus on permaculture land ethics, outdoor photography, slacklining, and one on dog-powered silent sports. 

“What’s interesting this year is a trend toward instructors incorporating a food element into several of the classes,” Rutlin said. “In one class we’ll paddle the Manitowish River and then learn how to make camp pizza from scratch at one of the campsites. In another we’ll paddle the Willow Flowage and then have a cookout with healthy food on one of the scenic islands.” 

For a complete list of classes, details on each, and to register, visit or call 715-365-4544. 

At this time, face coverings are required during indoor components of classes and are recommended when outside as much as practicable. Physical distancing of six feet or more is also required both indoors and outdoors and class sizes are limited to a maximum of 12.