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Dear editor,

I attended the Wausau School Board meeting Monday evening and I was taken aback by an utter lack of decorum and respect, and not just by the anti-maskers in attendance who sat for the whole time in noncompliance to the mask-wearing policy.

The more pernicious behavior was conducted by the Board President, Pat McKee. Not only did he NOT even attempt to remind the audience of the mask policy and its significance, but he vociferously and rudely instructed a fellow board member, Ka Lo, that she could not speak to a proposed issue.

Ms. Lo was in her right to continue discussion about a significant proposal to reverse the mask policy and proposed in an unprecedented manner. Yet, no one supported her right or condemned Mr. McKee’s unfounded  aggressiveness . 

Is this what we are to expect from the new regime at the Wausau School Board ? 

Acknowledge and apologize for your behavior Mr. McKee ,and brush up on the rules of discussion. Your actions Monday did not facilitate respectful discussion. They suggest you are quite biased in your own views of the direction of the District  and, perhaps, a deep rooted perception of what Ms Lo represents.

Bruce Grau, Wausau