Dear editor,

I am writing to thank (Marathon County and school board members) for support in having Every Black Life Matters in Wausau last week. With all of the violence and negativity that we have seen from Black Lives Matter and the destruction it has taken on our great cities, it was refreshing to learn about a peaceful alternative.

I was impressed with Kevin and Neil and their positive message for what we can all do for the black community, as well as for our community here in Wausau. I didn’t realize they just started their organization a few short months ago, nor did I realize that Kevin grew up in an urban area of San Francisco, or “the hood” as Kevin describes it. He brings a levity and genuineness to his presentation that makes me want to invite him over for dinner.

Neil, an immigrant himself, brings an interesting perspective to what it really means to be accepting and what discrimination and racism look like in the critical race theory. EBLM’s message of unity and acceptance Martin Luther King Jr.-style is exactly what patriotic Americans would like to see going forward in our country, no matter what our political stance may be.

In the end, it makes no difference what you label yourself. It is all about an open mind, love and acceptance of all people and doing what we can to give back to our amazing country.

Thank you for supporting a great learning experience for the residents of Wausau, including myself and my family. I look forward to many more to come.

Kate Rice of Schofield

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