State Park Speedway

Auto Select Super Late Models presented by C-Tech Pos. Car # Name Hometown Points  1 44 Justin Mondeik Gleason 260   2 52 Brock Heinrich Wausau 259  3 76W Jason Weinkauf Merrill 230  4 76V Travis Volm Mosinee 220  5 02 Rayce Haase Wausau 216  6 12 Mark Mackesy Wausau 212  7 93D Dillon Mackesy Athens 191  8 10 Noah Gajewski Marathon 160  9 40L Jeremy Lepak Wausau 110 10 86 A.J. Kreager Wausau 81 

11 8 Nathan Steif Wausau 73 12 4 Luke Fenhaus Wausau 48 13 15 Gabe Sommers Plover 46 14 36 Louis Goss Green Bay 39 

Super Late Model Notes: Justin Mondeik (at right) recorded  a double-double last week, winning his second straight feature  this season and also taking the Flip Merwin Memorial for the  second straight year. Mondeik passed Luke Fenhaus just before  a competition caution 25 laps in and rolled the rest of the way  in the 75-lap feature… With the win Mondeik, the defending SPS  super late model champion, nudged ahead of Brock Heinrich by  a point in the point standings after Heinrich finished second in  the feature… Jeremy Lepak had his second straight solid night  this season, finishing third in the feature after setting fast time on  opening night… The class’s two No. 76 cars both won heat races  last week, with Jason Weinkauf taking the first heat and Travis  Volm claiming the second heat… Heinrich and Volm are the lone  two drivers to finish in the top five in all four features so far this  season. 

Racing begins: 7 p.m.   

Ticket prices: 

Adults (13 & over): $12 Kids 12 & under: FREE

Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks 

Pos. Car # Name Hometown Points 

 1 19 Mitch Stankowski Wausau 205 

 2 13 Alex Volm Mosinee 202 

 3 25 Brian (Butchie) Schramm Wausau 198 

 4 47 Jeff Spatz Wausau 196 

 5 37 Brian Plisch Athens 181 

 6 14 Brett Breitenfeldt Wausau 160 

 7 27K Brandon Knoblock Wausau 52 

 8 93 Todd Kuehl Wisconsin Rapids 47 

 9 20 Jevin Guralski Wausau 45 

10 01 Brian Lashua Nekoosa 43 

11 27A Sierra Alexander Schofield 9 

Pure Stock Notes: Butchie Schramm became the third different feature winner in three races this year, edging Mitch Stankowski  for the win last week. The three-time defending champion in the class has had some bad luck early in the season but still is right  in the middle of a cluster at the top of the standings where the top four drivers are separated by a total of nine points… Stankowski  has back-to-back second-place feature finishes and also set fast time for the third time this season. He just missed a clean sweep  of the night after also winning the second heat race… Brett Breitenfeldt picked up his first-ever win in the class, taking the first  heat… Brian Lashua raced for the first time last week in a car familiar to SPS race fans. He is the brother of the late Dave Lashua,  who raced at the track for many years but passed away in 2016. Brian is driving Dave’s former car with the familiar Lashua No. 01. 

Rockstar Energy Drink Mini Stocks 

Pos. Car # Name Hometown Points 

 1 14B Eric Breitenfeldt Wausau 281  

 2 77 Garret Strachota Wausau 248 

 3 2 Chris Boykins Wausau 231 

 4 12 Tom Lecher Wausau 215 

 5 33 Kyle Check Shantytown 196 

 6 55 Zach Budleski Wausau 190 

 7 03 Ashley Schoone Gleason 176 

 8 85 Hunter Landwehr Stratford 164 

 9 10B Brad Lecher Wausau 151 

10 9 Josh Dublin Weston 125 

11 48 Brandon Sischo Stratford 111 

12 6 Brad Abt Schofield 111 

13 65 Clayton Phillips Marathon 105 

14 22 Wayne Gauger Kronenwetter 102 

15 3 Kendra Baumann Wausau 101 

16 14R Amanda Rowe Mosinee 100 

17 10T Travis Lang Wausau 94 

18 47 Joey Blaschka Wausau 93 

19 78 Tyler Muller Sun Prairie 69 

20 7L Luke Mikula Wausau 65 

21 89 Makayla Last Wausau 49 

22 06 Dave Lembke Germantown 47 

23 76 Jake Halterman Stanley 43 

24 13 Jenny Wegner Wausau 33 

25 7M Max Manowski Wausau 33 

26 07 Kyle Haase Wausau 28 

27 35 Jen Richard Weston 5 

28 14S Jim Schara Hamburg 1 

29 I8U2 Jeremy Wanta Mosinee 1 

Mini Stock Notes: Eric Breitenfeldt continued to be the man to beat in the mini stocks last week, becoming the first three-time  feature winner at State Park Speedway this year when he won both feature races in the class, including the Flip Merwin Memorial  feature plus the makeup of a rained out race from June 10th. He received one of his toughest challenges of the year in the first  race, finally prevailing after a side-by-side battle with Ashley Schoone, and then got to the front early and cruised to win the second  feature… Defending class champion Garret Strachota joins Breitenfeldt as the lone drivers to finish in the top 5 in all four features  this season… Schoone had her best night of the season at State Park, with two top-3 finishes in features including a runner-up in  the first feature… Brad Abt joined Breitenfeldt as a double-winner last week, taking the second heat as well as the semi-feature, his  second win in the semi this season… Joey Blaschka picked up his first-ever win at SPS last week, taking the first heat… Tom Lecher  remained undefeated in qualifying this season, setting fast time for the third time this season… A total of 29 mini stocks have at  least qualified on a race night this season, and ten of those 29 already have a win in either a heat race, semi-feature or feature. Abt,  Breitenfeldt and Chris Boykins are tied for the most race wins with three wins each.

Snap-On Mini Mods 

Pos. Car # Name Hometown Points 

 2 06S George Seliger Wausau 224 

 3 43 Chad Ferge Weston 176 

 4 55 Gary Garand Weston 175 

 5 93 Jim Lietz Mosinee 168 

 6 5 Kevin Tessmer Wausau 166 

 7 40 Brian Marquardt Weston 132 

 8 17 Keagen Benz Wausau 124 

 9 32 Kole Ferge Schofield 120 

10 92 John Lietz Mosinee 107 

11 9 Dale Louze Mosinee 94 

12 06L Dave Lembke Germantown 83 

13 88 Mike Jaeger Kronenwetter 39 

14 7 Evan Call Aniwa 1 

Mini Mod Notes: George Seliger became the first two-time winner in the mini mods, holding off Snappy Joe Kuehn and a hard-charging-Kole Ferge at the end of the 20-lap feature… Kuehn maintained the points lead after a third-place feature run and setting fast  time for the second time this year, and he has feature finishes of first, second and third this season… The points battle early on is a  two-driver race, with Kuehn and Seliger just three points apart and the nearest challenger 48 points back of Seliger in second… Gary  Garand has joined Kuehn and Seliger as the three drivers who have finished in the top five all three features this year, and Garand did  so last week after arriving to the track late and missing qualifying… Jimmer Lietz won the second heat last week, his second heat win  of the season, tying him with Seliger for most heat victories in the class early on. 

Ropa’s Pizza Bandoleros pres. by E.H. Wolf & Sons 

Pos. Car # Name Hometown Points 

 1 901 Alex Hartwig Portage 79 

 2 88 Cohen Henze Juda 71 

 3 12 Ayrton Brockhouse Shakopee, Minn. 65 

 4 64 Anna Malouf Rhinelander 61 

 5 5 Paxton Benz Wausau 56 

 6 13 Ayden Brockhouse Shakopee, Minn. 51 

 7 52 Avery Linnerud Milton 47 

 8 4 Lexi Stargardt Neillsville 46 

 9 07 Jackson Kottschade Ramsey, Minn. 43 

10 70 Mason Oleson Mosinee 40 

11 76 Oliver Weinkauf Merrill 31 

Bandolero Notes: The first Bandolero feature of the season went to Alex Hartwig, who went from 10th to first in four laps and rolled  to the 12-lap feature win, his sixth straight in the class going back to last season… Cohen Henze, who travels up from the southern  portion of Wisconsin southwest of Janesville and near the state border, finished second in the feature for his best-ever feature finish  at State Park Speedway… Anna Malouf won the second heat last week, her first race win at State Park since the 2019 season… Jack son Kottschade made his second trip to SPS and first since the Bandos’ opener last season. Both times his night started the same,  winning the first heat, including doing so last week… Another name and number familiar to SPS joined the class last week as Oliver  Weinkauf made his Bandolero debut at the track. He is the son of super late model driver Jason Weinkauf and races with the same  No. 76 as his dad. 

June 17th SPS Winners

Auto Select Super Late Models 

Fast Qualifier: 52-Brock Heinrich, 13.585 sec. First Heat: 76-Jason Weinkauf 

Second Heat: 76-Travis Volm 

Feature: 44-Justin Mondeik 

Advance Auto Parts Pure Stocks 

Fast Qualifier: 19-Mitch Stankowski, 15.384 sec. First Heat: 14-Brett Breitenfeldt 

Second Heat: 19-Mitch Stankowski 

Feature: 25-Brian Schramm 

Snap-on Mini Mods 

Fast Qualifier: 31-Joe Kuehn, 15.874 sec. First Heat: 06-George Seliger 

Second Heat: 93-Jim Lietz 

Feature: 06-George Seliger 

Second Heat: 6-Brad Abt 

Third Heat: 2-Chris Boykins 

Semi-Feature: 6-Brad Abt 

Feature: 14-Eric Breitenfeldt 

Semi-Feature from June 10: 3-Kendra Baumann Feature from June 10: 14-Eric Breitenfeldt 

Ropa’s Pizza Bandoleros  

Fast Qualifier: 901-Alex Hartwig, 16.204 sec. First Heat: 07-Jackson Kottschade 

Second Heat: 64-Anna Malouf 

Feature: 901-Alex Hartwig

This week in State Park Speedway history: 

June 27, 1974: Dave Field of Port Edwards came from well back in the field to win the 25-lap late model feature in his 1968 Ford Mus tang convertible. Rick Haase won the semi-feature in his first appearance of the season at the track, and the hobby stock class competed with Al Buchkowski of Hatley and Ringle’s Gerry Marquardt winning heat races. 

Rick Haase came in third with Kevin Stepan fourth and Joe Krzykows 

ki fifth. Les Stankowski won the late model semi-feature. Barry  

Wehrs of Bangor won the feature in the go-karts class, while Dave  

Tushoski emerged as victor in the one-on-one spectator races. 

June 23, 1994: Wayne Lodholz of Wausau started on the pole and  

led all the way to win the 30-lap late model feature for his second  

feature win of the season, with Mike Cox Jr. finishing second and  

Mike Budleski third. Bobby Stolze won the semi-feature while heat  

winners included Leroy Pettis, Wayne Cottrell and Mark Mackesy.  

Neil Knoblock won the sportsman feature ahead of Doug Drost and  

Lyle Nowak, while Wayne Mackesy won the bomber feature. 

One year ago: Minnesota’s Paul Paine and Mark Mackesy both  

were winners of features races as the CWRA Stars to Legends Tour  made its second stop of the season at State Park Speedway. Alex  Volm won the Dave Lashua Memorial in the pure stocks, George  Seliger posted his third feature win of the season in the mini mods,  and Kyle Check won the pure stock feature on the Lashua Memorial  for the second straight season.