Road construction updates for the following counties in North Central Wisconsin: Adams, Green Lake, Florence, Forest, Iron, Langlade, Lincoln, Marathon, Marquette, Menominee, Oneida, Portage, Price, Shawano, Vilas, Waupaca, Waushara, and Wood counties.

Construction schedules may fluctuate pending favorable weather conditions and crew availability. This update can be found at:

Adams County

Highway: WIS 82 

Location: WIS 13 to County B

Schedule: April 12, 2021 to October 2021

Project ID: 1430-01-77

Work scheduled for next week: Crews have tentatively scheduled paving in the eastbound lane.

Traffic impacts: WIS 82 is closed. Traffic is detoured via WIS 13, WIS 23, and I-39. Access to residents and businesses along the corridor will be maintained throughout the project.


Forest and Florence Counties

Highway: WIS 101

Location: From US 8 in Armstrong Creek to Woods Creek Road in Fern

Schedule: August 2, 2021 to October 29, 2021

Project ID: 9304-11-70/9304-12-70

Project description: The project consists of 16 culvert replacements, curb & gutter replacements, cable guard replacement, milling, shoulder widening, and an asphalt pavement overlay.

Overall traffic impacts:

  • Culvert removal and replacement operations will take place under a detour. This detour will redirect traffic to US 8, WIS 139 and WIS 70.  The road will be open to local traffic during this timeframe.
  • Traffic will be reduced to a single lane by flagging during curb & gutter replacements, beam guard installation, milling, and paving operations. Traffic may travel on a gravel surface during culvert replacements for a short duration.
  • No work is allowed during the following holiday timeframes for this project:
    • Noon Friday to 6 a.m. Tuesday for Labor Day

Iron County

Highway: US 51/US 2 

Location: US 2 from State Line Road in town of Kimball to the Michigan State line and US 51 from the rest stop in Hurley through the intersection with US 2

Schedule: May 3, 2021 to October 28, 2021

Project ID: 1175-21-71

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will remove pavement along eastbound US 2, install storm sewer, beam guard, and complete removal of the bridge.  

Traffic impacts for next week:

  • Bidirectional traffic will be in the westbound US 2 lanes utilizing crossovers east and west of project limits for USH 2 east and west bound traffic 
  • US 51 traffic will continue to access US 2 on the temporary roadway with a “T” intersection with US 2
  • Traffic is reduced to a speed limit of 45 mph along US 2


Highway: US 2 

Location: County B to the Michigan state line (adjacent to the roundabout project)

Schedule: June 7 to July 26, 2021

Project ID: 1185-03-71

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will work on final cleanup and punch list items and finish applying pavement markings.  

Traffic impacts for next week: Shoulder closures. 


Langlade County

Highway: WIS 64/WIS 52

Location: From US 45 in Antigo to Clover Road in Antigo and the bridge over Spring Brook near Hafemeister Lane

Schedule: May 24, 2021 to October 31, 2021

Project ID: 9140-12-70/73

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will work on grading, concrete approach slabs, and curb and gutter.   

Overall traffic impacts: WIS 64/WIS 52 traffic is restricted to a single lane with temporary signals at Spring Brook bridge. Traffic will utilize the westbound lane through the work zone. WIS 64/WIS 52 traffic will maintain a minimum 10-foot-wide lane during construction. 

Highway: WIS 64

Location: County P to the Oconto County line and bridge over Wolf River in Langlade

Schedule: July 28, 2021 to October 10, 2021

Project ID: 9140-12-74/71

Project description: Remove and replace asphalt pavement and culvert replacements. A new concrete surface will be installed on the Wolf River bridge.

Work scheduled: Crews will install erosion control and traffic control during the week of July 26 followed by bridge work.

Overall traffic impacts: Single lane closure with flagging and temporary signals at the bridge in Langlade. WIS 64 will be open to two lanes with no shoulder closures or milled surfaces for the Wolfman Triathlon in September.

Lincoln County

Highway: US 51 northbound and southbound

Location: From the Marathon/Lincoln County line in Pine River to County K (Exit 211) in Merrill

Schedule: July 19, 2021 to November 2022

Project ID: 1176-22-72/73

Description: Improvements include removing existing asphalt surface and crushed concrete, then replacing with base materials and asphalt pavement. Other improvements include minor grading at median crossovers for traffic control, repaving maintenance cross overs and interchange ramps. Additional guard rail will be added on the northbound US 51 bridge over WIS 64.

Work scheduled: Crews plan to install erosion control at crossover widening areas, followed by grading operations at the crossovers working from south to north. Toward the end of the week, crews will pave crossover widenings. Survey crews will be in the area.

Traffic impacts: Traffic will be reduced to one lane in both directions on US 51 from 6 a.m. Monday to noon on Friday from the Marathon County/Lincoln County line to County K.


Marathon County

Highway: WIS 107

Location: Between WIS 153 and County B

Schedule: August 2, 2021 to September 30, 2021

Project ID: 6360-06-70

Description: Crews will remove and replace the surface layer of asphalt on WIS 107 from WIS 153 to County B. A large culvert pipe running under WIS 107 between Soda Creek Road and Town Road will be replaced. Several other culverts along WIS 107 will have repairs and maintenance done on them. All beam guard on the project will be replaced and updated.

Overall traffic impacts:

  • WIS 107 will be open to traffic except during a culvert replacement between Soda Creek Road and Town Road. Lane closures will be permitted with the use of flaggers.  
  • The large culvert replacement between Soda Creek Road and Town Road will require a closure and detour scheduled to begin August 9 and continue to August 20. Motorists will utilize WIS 153, WIS 97, and WIS 29.
  • Driveway and side road access will be maintained throughout the project.

Anticipated work scheduled for week beginning July 26:

  • Crews will install signs to inform the public of the upcoming work.

Anticipated work scheduled for week beginning August 2:

  • Crews will be installing portable changeable message boards to inform the public of the roadway closure to replace the large culvert pipe one week before the closure of WIS 107 begins.
  • Crews will install traffic control and erosion control, perform construction staking, and sawing asphalt as needed.

Highway: Business 51 

Location: (Grand Avenue) WI Central Ltd. Railroad Bridge, Wausau

Schedule: June 7 to September 13, 2021

Project ID: 6999-03-63

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will pave bridge approaches, move barriers, and work on the bridge expansion joint.

Traffic impacts: A maximum width of 13-feet applies for northbound Grand Avenue. Northbound traffic will be maintained on a single lane (northbound median lane). Both lanes of southbound Grand Avenue are back on the newly constructed southbound pavement.

  • Pedestrians: Access will be maintained along the west side of Business 51 / Grand Avenue.
  • Bicyclists: Southbound bicyclists will be maintained on Grand Avenue same as existing conditions. Northbound bicyclists will be detoured to Prospect Avenue at County N and back to Grand Avenue at East Thomas Street.


Menominee County

Highway: WIS 47  

Location: Duquaine Road (BIA 334) to North Junction County VV and the bridge over the Wolf River

Schedule: April 12, 2021 to November 2021

Project ID: 9650-17-61/70

Work scheduled for next week:

  • Continue grading on WIS 47 northbound between Fairgrounds Road and WIS 55
  • Continue pouring curb and gutter along WIS 47 northbound between Dodge Road and County VV
  • Continue pouring sidewalk along WIS 47 northbound between Dodge Road and County VV
  • Crews will begin installation of light pole bases between County VV and Dodge Road

Traffic impacts:

  • WIS 47 northbound between Duquaine Road and County VV (East) is closed
    • Detour is Go Around Road to County VV to WIS 47
    • Truck and oversized load detour will utilize WIS 22 in Shawano to WIS 29, US 45, and back to WIS 47
  • Drivers can expect flagging operations between Fairgrounds Road and WIS 55


Oneida County

Highway: WIS 70 

Location: Morgan Road to US 51, Minocqua

Project ID: 9070-05-73

Schedule: June 16, 2021 to August 2021

Description: The existing pavement will be removed and replaced with new asphalt pavement. Curb ramps will be replaced and upgraded to meet current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) standards. Spot repairs will be made to the existing curb & gutter, traffic signals, and inlets. Signs will be replaced. Thermoplastic will be added at two snowmobile crossings.

Work scheduled: Crews will remove and replace asphalt in the outside lanes and intersections.

Traffic Impacts: Single lane closures in each direction with left turn lanes at intersections open. Turn lanes will be maintained as possible but will need to be shut down to do intersection work.


Portage County

Highway: Business 51 (Post Road)

Location: Springville Drive to Tommy’s Turnpike

Schedule: April 2021 through October 2022

Project ID: 6414-00-79

Work scheduled for next week:

  • Crews will continue filling operations and rip rap placement to widen the roadway and dam along the east side of the causeway from Springville Drive to Rainbow Drive.
  • Crews will begin the installation of storm sewer within the newly widened roadway and dam along the east side of the causeway.

Traffic impacts:

  • A full, 21-day closure of Post Road is tentatively scheduled to begin August 2 to complete the box culvert work that is part of the Springville Pond structure. Post Road will be closed just north of Springville Drive to just south of Rainbow Drive. Traffic will be detoured using County HH, I-39, and County B. Pedestrian access will be closed between Rainbow Drive and Springville Drive for the first 10 days of the closure. 
  • Business 51 northbound and southbound lanes are reduced to a single lane in each direction from Springville Drive to Rainbow Drive. 
  • Traffic is currently shifted to the west side of the roadway in the existing southbound lanes from Springville Drive to Rainbow Drive. 
  • Springville Drive is closed at the east side intersection with Post Road. 
  • Rainbow Drive is closed at the east side intersection with Post Road.

Pedestrian impacts: A sidewalk closure is scheduled to begin as early as August 6 for 10 days between Rainbow Drive and Springville Drive. The closure is required to install a new culvert. Pedestrian access will not be maintained.


Highway: WIS 66 (NEW)

Location: I-39 to Stevens Point Municipal Airport

Schedule: Begin August 2, 2021 for 30 working days

Project ID: 6280-02-74

Cost: $826,466

Prime Contractor: S & N Incorporated

Description: The existing concrete pavement will be removed and replaced with new asphalt pavement.

Work scheduled: Crews will install signs to provide advanced notice to motorists of project start.

Traffic impacts: None for next week. When work begins, WIS 66 will be open to through traffic with a single lane in each direction.


Shawano County

Highway: WIS 29 

Location: County U intersection, town of Herman

Schedule:  June 28, 2021 to October 14, 2021

Project ID: 1058-02-73

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will place shoulder gravel on the crossovers. Temporary asphalt will be placed on WIS 29 Eastbound outside lane. Restore County U south intersection and install permanent erosion control.

Traffic impacts: The speed limit is reduced to 55 mph. The left lanes on WIS 29 eastbound and westbound are closed along with the County U south intersection until July 31.


Waupaca County

Highway: WIS 22

Location: From north junction County N in Manawa to US 45 in Bear Creek

Schedule: July 16, 2021 to September 10, 2021

Project ID: 6590-02-76

Cost: $2,760,693

Prime Contractor: American Asphalt

Length: 12.16 miles

Description: The project includes removing two-inches of asphalt pavement and placing two-inches of new asphalt pavement, beam guard reconstruction at Blake Creek and the Little Wolf River, five culvert replacements, and two curb ramp upgrades in Symco. The work will also include replacing two wing-walls at one box culvert.

Work scheduled for next week:

  • Crews will remove concrete curb and gutter and sidewalk at various locations in Symco and pour new concrete.
  • Crews will build temporary lane shifts and perform removal and replacement of two (2) culvert pipes between Shady Lane Road and Hamlock Lane.   
  • Install two (2) inlets in Symco between West River Road/Riske Road and Symco Road.

Traffic impacts: Single lane closures with flaggers will occur at various locations of WIS 22 from Fuhs Road to US 45.

No work will be performed during:

  • Union Thresheree, from 6 a.m. Friday, July 23 to 6 a.m. Monday, July 26
  • Symco Hotrod & Kustom Weekender, from 6 a.m. Friday, August 13 to 6 a.m. Monday, August 16.
  • Labor Day, noon on Friday, September 3 to 6 a.m. Tuesday, September 7.

Waushara County

Highway: WIS 21/WIS 22/WIS 73 

Location: Between Plainfield and Wautoma

  • WIS 73: 1,450-ft east of 5th Avenue in the town of Plainfield to the intersection of WIS 73/WIS 21/WIS 22 in the city of Wautoma.
  • WIS 21/WIS 22: From the intersection of WIS 73/WIS 21/WIS 22 in the city of Wautoma to the intersection of WIS 21/WIS 22 in the city of Wautoma.

Schedule: June 14, 2021 to August 20, 2021

Project ID: 6170-00-61/6310-00-60/6321-00-72

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will continue pavement removal and replacement and installation of temporary pavement markings. Crews will also install a culvert.

Traffic impacts: WIS 73, WIS 21, and WIS 22 are open during construction. Motorists can expect single lane closures with flagging operations during the day.

Highway: WIS 22 

Location: Marquette County line/County JJ in the town of Dakota to WIS 21 West/West Division Street in the city of Wautoma

Schedule: May 24, 2021 to July 30, 2021

Project ID: 6150-00-72

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will work on culverts.  

Traffic impacts: Daily flagging during culvert work. 


Highway: WIS 73 

Location: From 4th Court to 5th Avenue in the town of Plainfield and the WIS 73 ramps to and from I-39

Schedule: April 12, 2021 to August 27, 2021

Project ID: 1160-00-79/6321-00-71

Work scheduled for next week: Crews will continue to pour concrete on northbound WIS 73, complete concrete pavement, install curb and gutter, and pave shoulders on I-39 southbound off ramp and northbound on ramps.

Traffic impacts: Traffic is shifted onto the southbound lanes and temporary widenings. A 12-foot width restriction remains in place.

  • The I-39 southbound off ramp and northbound on ramp at WIS 73 (Exit 136) is closed Tuesday, August 3.
    • Southbound I-39 traffic wanting to access WIS 73 will be detoured via southbound I-39 to County V (Exit 131) to northbound I-39 back to WIS 73.  
    • WIS 73 traffic wanting to access I-39 northbound will be detoured via southbound I-39 to County V (Exit 131) to northbound I-39.