By Shereen Siewert

The Wausau East High School football team will not have a traditional varsity football team this year, after too few student athletes committed to the sport.

According to a Wausau School District news release, the school will have a small senior team this year that can play both 8-man and varsity reserve football games to the “greatest extent possible,” depending on scheduling availability. Varsity reserve is essentially junior varsity with the understanding that seniors also play in the game.

This allows other teams to play seniors in the JV schedule who may not get much time on the field during varsity play, school officials said.

In the release, Communications Coordinator Diana White said coaches and administrators are working to preserve the program and build it for the future.

Though varsity coaching roles may shift, all will remain on the job, White said.

As for the school’s varsity coaches, even though their roles may shift, they will all stay on the job.

“While it’s not a perfect solution, administrators and coaches are hopeful this will not just serve current student athletes, but grow the program for future Wausau East football players, too,” White’s release stated. “This move also preserves opportunities for other co-curricular activities, like cheer and marching band.”

School officials say they made the decision after conferring with football players and their families.