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Dear editor,

Democracy is at stake. Our freedoms start with the right to vote. Restrictive voting is a tactic of authoritarians and is used to hold on to power regardless of cost.

Following the 2020 presidential election, restrictive voting laws and proposals have targeted people who are minorities, low income, lack personal transportation… – or any thought to vote mainly Democratic.

Restrictive voting legislation has included: reducing early voting hours or days, limiting distribution of mail-in ballot applications, restricting registration drives, shortening the timeframe to request or return a mail-in ballot, eliminating voter registration on election day, eliminating polling places and drop off boxes for ballots, and making it harder to remain on absentee voting lists.

In Wisconsin, AB 201 and SB 204 would eliminate the ability of voters other than military voters to automatically receive absentee ballots for each election. AB180 and 201 would make it more difficult for those confined by age or disability to vote. Additional voting restrictions have been introduced by Republican legislators.

Limiting access to voting in America is un-American, especially for those least able to accommodate new restrictions.

We can protect Americans’ right to vote by passing the For the People Act. The Act would modernize our voter registration system, establish criteria and transparency to limit partisan gerrymandering, and make campaign contributions transparent. It would ensure minimum requirements for early voting, voting by mail, drop boxes, and same-day registration. It would replace existing insecure paperless voting machines. It would promote postelection audits to build confidence in results.

Contact Senator Tammy Baldwin (202-224-5653) and Senator Ron Johnson (920-230-7250) to vote Yes on the For the People Act. Return control of our government back where it belongs – in the hands of the people.

Kathy Kascewicz, Fifield