Dear editor,

Late last month a decorated Army veteran in Texas died of a treatable medical condition because he couldn’t get an ICU bed due to all of the COVID patients. His name was Daniel Wilkinson and he was 46 years old. He served two tours in Afghanistan and was awarded a Purple Heart Medal. He served and sacrificed for all of us and our country. But, too many of his fellow citizens wouldn’t get a simple COVID vaccine shot and overwhelmed the hospital system, which led to his death.

How many other veterans and fellow Americans will we allow to die under similar circumstances because so many simply refuse to get a vaccine shot? If you claim to be a patriot, then the most patriotic act you can perform is to get vaccinated in order to protect your fellow Americans. Veterans like Daniel Wilkinson were willing to sacrifice everything to protect you. Aren’t YOU willing to do something to protect other Americans? True patriotism requires selfless action – not just words.

Scott Berger of Weston

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