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This week’s featured business is Wausau Events, an organization that strives to create community through events by providing over 40 days of high quality, affordable events throughout the year. They create and manage a series of events that  bring recreational, cultural, educational, and economic impacts to residents, visitors, and the  business community. As a non-profit, Wausau Events builds and sustains relationships with  local businesses, organizations, and volunteers to ensure every event is fun, builds community  and reaches a large diverse audience. 

Chalkfest in Wausau is one of several events planned by the organization each year. Photo by Dave Kallaway, courtesy of Wausau Events

Wausau Events, formerly known as “Wausau Area Events,” was previously a part of the Wausau  Chamber of Commerce, planning events and fundraising efforts for their organization. During  that time, Wausau Area Events helped in the fundraising efforts to bring many large events to  the local area including the Gus Macker Tournament and the Badger State Games.  

In 1989, the non-profit “Wausau Area Events” was established by a small committee of  community members, in partnership with the City of Wausau, after separation from the  Wausau Chamber of Commerce. This allowed both Wausau Area Events and the Wausau  Chamber of Commerce to focus on their core missions. On July 1, 1991, Wausau Area Events  opened their doors at 426 N 3rd St. in Wausau, next to the Mint Café. 

During that time, the workload became too much for one organization. Therefore, Wausau  Area Events assisted with the creation of the Central Wisconsin Convention and Visitors Bureau  and the Wausau River District based on the community need for these organizations. In the  early years, the Board of Directors was shared for both Wausau Area Events and the Wausau  River District. A few years later, Wausau Area Events went through a name change to become  “Wausau Events” as all the organization’s events take place in the City of Wausau. The  organization also moved with their sister organization, the Wausau River District, to their  current space at 316 Scott Street.  

The Board of Directors is very involved with each event hosted by Wausau Events, and they volunteer many hours to the success of the organization.

“We create events to make Wausau a  better place to live,” said board member Steve Busha.

Wausau Events
The current Executive Director for Wausau Events is Alissandra Aderholdt. Photo courtesy of Wausau Events

The current Board of Directors for  Wausau Events includes Amanda Ley (President), Pete Valiska (Vice President), MaryAnne Groat  (Treasurer), Sara Valiska (Secretary), Elizabeth Knight, Terry Geurink, Terry Sturm, Joani Lashua,  Steve Busha, Lindsey Lewitzke, Joe Mella, Ann Werth and John King. The current Executive  Director for Wausau Events is Alissandra Aderholdt. 

Wausau Events is proud of developing many “traditional” events for the community throughout  the years, including the Concerts on the Square Series, Chalkfest, Big Bull Falls Blues Fest, Harvest Fest and the annual Holiday Parade. These events would not be possible without the  sponsors, volunteers and community members that support this organization.

Wausau Events is proud to serve the City of Wausau and looks forward to providing high-quality events for the  community throughout the remainder of 2021 and for years to come.

Blues Fest in Wausau. Photo by Dave Kallaway, courtesy of Wausau Events

Connect with Wausau Events

Wausau Events, 316 Scott St., Wausau

Phone Number: 715-297-9531 

Website: www.wausauevents.org 

Facebook: www.facebook.com/wausauevents