During the week of Sept. 13, the Poor People’s Campaign, in partnership with Nonviolent Medicaid Army, will mobilize across the country to meet people’s needs while demanding an expansion of healthcare as the coronavirus pandemic rages on.

Medicaid enrollment has spiked to over 80 million people, up from just over 71 million at the beginning of the pandemic, according to the agencies’ news release. The Nonviolent Medicaid Army, born out of state-level healthcare organizing led by the poor and dispossessed, is uniting those on or excluded from Medicaid into an independent political force in the U.S. today.

Locally, on Sept. 18, the Wisconsin campaign will host a family friendly public sidewalk chalking event. Participants of all ages are invited to share pictures, words and stories about what our lives could look like if healthcare was a human right, available to all regardless of race, income, gender and location. You can join the fun, creative way to keep the vision of accessible healthcare for all top of mind in the community.  

Covid-safe outdoor actions will take place in states such as California, Wyoming, Texas, Wisconsin, Alabama, Florida, New York, Pennsylvania and Vermont.