Dear editor,

Cattle farmers, like my family and I, are dedicated to caring for our animals and the land every day of the year.

Much of the land where we farm is unsuitable for growing human-edible crops, so we utilize cattle to graze on native grasses and turn the human-inedible product into high-quality protein. To further the sustainability of our farm, we employ a cattle grazing management system which accelerates the grassland’s natural process of removing carbon from the atmosphere and storing it in the soil. This reduces the carbon footprint, improves soil health, all while increasing the diversity of native grasses. Additionally, managed grazing diminishes the need for synthetic pesticide use, and reduces the need for commercial fertilizer.  

My family operation also participates in the USDA’s Conservation Reserve Program. This program has allowed us to preserve the environment around the waterways on our land to help keep the U.S.’s freshwater system as pristine as possible and has resulted in an increase in the amount and variety of wildlife on our farm, including deer, Canadian geese, sandhill cranes and bears.

Simply put, our farm delivers a nutritious and sustainable food for families across the U.S., all while providing ecological benefits and high-quality habitats for native wildlife species.

Consumers should feel good about eating beef, knowing it is produced on farms just like ours, by people just like us, all across America.

Brady Zuck of Ladysmith

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