Dear editor,

What is the only species in Wisconsin that has a mandated hunt? If you guessed
deer, you are incorrect. It is the Wisconsin wolf.

While the DNR is currently politically hijacked by the less than honorable Fred Prehn, they are planning on going on with another slaughter of wolves like the one in February. The quota for this hunt was supposed to be 119, but ended with the killing of 218. Now, without any knowledge on how the February hunt
has forever damaged the future of the wolf population in Wisconsin, they
are gearing up for another slaughter, although, there is currently a lawsuit to
stop this November hunt.

Why is the wolf such a polarizing species? Like everything, fear spreads through gross misinformation. The fact is that randomly killing wolves through trophy hunting and trapping does not protect livestock, but non-lethal methods, such as fencing, devices emitting noise and light and proper carcass removal are more effective at preventing conflicts with wolves from happening in the first place.

It’s also worth noting that of the 3.45 million livestock, 81,000 sheep, 82,000 goats and thousands of domestic animals in Wisconsin, there are just 45
confirmed to have been lost by wolves. Many if not all of these losses
could have been prevented through a few simple, economical non-lethal
tools. Experts agree that not only is the wolf hunt unethical, it is
unnecessary. Hopefully with six tribes suing the state, as well as a second
lawsuit by animal rights groups, this slaughter won’t take place this

Brian Giles of Marshfield

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