STRATFORD – A design project website is now available to view proposed improvements on Highway 153 in Marathon County between Highway 13 and Stainless Avenue in the village of Stratford through the towns of Brighton and Eau Pleine.

Construction is tentatively expected in 2023, according to the Wisconsin Department of Transportation. The public is invited to review the proposed improvements on the website and provide comment.

The project design website is available at

The purpose of the project is to address the deterioration of the existing Highway 153 roadway surface, culverts and beam guard. The proposed improvements will help maintain a safe and efficient transportation system. Proposed improvements include mill/overlay of the pavement, culvert replacements, repair to culvert endwalls, beam guard upgrades and pavement markings. Proposed traffic impacts include flagging, lane closures and a short-term detour.

On the design project website you can find maps of the project limits and proposed detour, proposed scope and schedule, possible traffic impacts, design displays and exhibits with right of way and locations of culvert work, information for business impacted by construction/detour, a downloadable project information handout, and various methods to provide comment and feedback, including a comment form with a prepaid mailer, project engineer email address and phone number.

Your comments assist the DOT in developing a project that will serve the needs of the traveling public, as well as the needs of the local community.