By Shereen Siewert

Village officials voted Wednesday to abandon a plan to rename Schofield Avenue, after an outcry from Weston businesses.

Plans were in the works to rename Schofield Avenue as D.C. Everest Boulevard, a move initially approved in August by village trustees. The idea, brought up by Weston Trustee Barb Ermeling, centered on avoiding confusion over municipal boundaries. Some people think they are in Schofield – rather than Weston – simply because of the street name.

But earlier this month, several residents and business owners spoke to the board expressing their opposition to the change. One resident said she felt renaming the street D.C. Everest Boulevard would cause even more confusion, especially for visitors from out of town, because the high school is located on a different street.

Many of the business owners who spoke out against the name change cited cost concerns in changing their business address. Some said the cost of changing signs, logos, letterhead and other branding materials would be a sharp blow to businesses already struggling in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Some residents also felt that the decision was made without crucial public input.

The vote on Wednesday was unanimous.