Wausau Pilot & Review

Late last year, Wausau Pilot & Review added an event calendar to our newspaper and a weekly event email, touting all the happenings in the area from concerts to festivals, farmers markets and more.

But as businesses opened up and people began going to concert venues once again, uploading those events by hand turned into practically a full-time job. To address that, we’ve partnered with CitySpark for a new calendar with some added features we want you to be aware of.

Now, our calendar includes a wider array of events. You’ll still find concerts, farmers markets and festivals, but you’ll also see government meetings, events at local libraries and much more. Best of all, you can now submit your own event for free with our easy submission system.

Check out our new events page here. At the top, you’ll find a link to submit your events, which we’ll approve for publication as quickly as possible. And yes, fundraising events are more than welcome.

We’re working to ensure your regular Thursday afternoon event email goes out as scheduled as well.

For advertising options for your event or business, contact Christina Kimball at christina@wausaupilotandreview.com.

Have any feedback? Drop us a line at editor@wausaupilotandreview.com – we’re happy to hear from you. We hope you find this new system helpful and easier to navigate moving forward.