Dear editor,

A note of gratitude to President Joe Biden for getting the massive infrastructure bill across the finish line. The three administrations prior didn’t deliver, but, finally, we have a president who truly cares about all Americans, regardless of their political affiliation. Wisconsin will see significant monies coming in to fix our roads, bridges, lead pipes and, most importantly, for Langlade County, broadband.

He also got this bill delivered as bipartisan. This is important as 19 GOP Senators and 13 GOP Representatives voted yes to a common sense bill that our crumbling infrastructure sorely needed. Bipartisan and compromise is the hallmark of democracy. These jobs will be great paying union jobs and this, too, is important as the unions ensure that the worker is safe, with living wages, benefits and retirement pensions.

So far, since Joe Biden took office in the free and fair elections of 2020, he and the Democrats gave you the Rescue Plan Act 2021, giving you a very needed $1,400 to help all Americans get some relief for their economic setbacks from the COVID-19 pandemic. Families are getting child tax credits, lifting 50 percent of children out of poverty. He has pushed a massive campaign to get our country fully vaccinated so that we can someday get back to “normal.” It is unfortunate that the misinformation highway has 50 percent of Langlade County still choosing not to get vaccinated.  Most of the non-vaccinators are demanding their personal freedom of choice as in “It’s all about me.” The only goal against this deadly disease should be to protect those near and dear, to choose to vaccinate for the good of all.

The next big bill to get across the finish line is The Build Back Better initiative. This will extend the child tax credit, it will add universal and free day care for all 3- and 4-year-olds to give parents, especially women, relief so they can re-enter the workforce by lifting the huge financial burden of quality daycare. This bill will also lower prescription drug costs, like insulin, and seeks to add vision, hearing and dental services to Medicare. It will also be America’s largest initiative to combat climate change by investing in the future and mitigating destructive greenhouse gasses that are destroying the earth at an alarming rate.

This bill will not add to the deficit as the plan will have the very wealthy, those earning over $400,000 a year to pay their fair share of taxes as they currently pay only 6 percent; along with 55 U.S. companies that have paid zero in federal taxes.  It is only fair that they pay as much as the rest of us do. Those of us who earn less than $400,000 will not pay one penny in tax for this bill.

In conclusion, no victory laps for these huge accomplishments should be given to any of the Wisconsin GOP Congressmen, including Tom Tiffany, or U.S. Senator Ron Johnson as they all voted no on each and every bill. They voted against you and your best interest, just sayin’.

This president and his administration are supporting and fighting for families and the middle class.


Moira Scupien of Antigo

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