WAUSAU – Wausau’s Enrich, Excel, Achieve Learning Academy has been chosen to be a Jobs for America’s Graduates school, the Wausau School District announced today.

“We are extremely excited to add this program to our school,” said Shannon Young, EEA principal. “Employability skills are something employers have been telling us students need more of for a long time. JAG is exactly what we need to better prepare our students for life after high school.”

JAG is a model of learning designed to keep students in school through graduation, improving their success rates in education and career.

There are three components to the JAG learning model: 1) Project based learning, which focuses on learner-centered, inquiry-based and active-learning methods; 2) Trauma informed care, which not only teaches life skills, but helps students overcome adversity and builds self confidence; 3) Employer engagement.

Employers will play an active role in the new JAG program by investing resources and talent and sharing their wealth of knowledge. JAG develops connections between students and professionals, disseminating ideas and matching up skills in the classroom and real-life situations.

Additionally, Becky Zelent has been selected by Forward Service Corp. to fill the JAG career specialist position at EEA. A teacher for the Wausau School District for 16 years, Zelent will act as a combination of teacher and mentor as she provides instruction, advice and support to students.