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Dear editor,

My name is John Kennedy.  I am vice president of the Big Eau Pleine Citizens Organization (BEPCO). I am also a founding member of Eau Pleine Partners in Integrated Conservation (EPPIC).  I grew up fishing on the Big Eau Pleine reservoir with my grandfather, father, and uncles so I have a 50-year connection to the BEP. 

I am writing this letter to inform the Marathon County Board, that BEPCO is in full support of the use of the Fiscal Recovery Funds to implement the Fenwood Creek Pilot Project as proposed by the Conservation, Planning and Zoning Department (CPZ).  It is in direct alignment with BEPCO’s mission and purpose.  

BEPCO Purpose Statement

The purpose of the Big Eau Pleine Citizens Organization (BEPCO) is to preserve, protect, and improve the quality of the Big Eau Pleine Reservoir, its watershed area, its surroundings; and to enhance the water quality, fishery, boating safety, and aesthetic values as a year-round public recreational facility- for today and future generations.

For the past 12 plus years I have been very active in trying to help promote conservation minded practices that lead to clean water to protect the fishery. Along the way I have had some serious ups and downs with very little feeling of accomplishment. Recently that has changed. Since EPPIC has emerged I have for the first time a feeling of optimism that we are able to make a difference. 

I believe that the science shows what it’s going to take to clean up the watershed and I believe that the implementation of the proper practices can make a huge difference. We at EPPIC are spreading the word and steadily improving the practices on the landscape, but these things take time and money.

I believe that it would be hugely beneficial if funds were used to implement the practices that CPZ has outlined in the Fenwood Creek watershed program.  As a lake organization, we strongly recommend funding this grant proposal.

John Kennedy, Loyal