Nicolet College is set to launch its Winter 2022 Outdoor Adventure program with 30 different classes for people who pursue a variety of outdoor interests and activities. 

“We’ve definitely seen increasing interest in outdoor classes over the past year,” said Terry Rutlin, Nicolet College Outdoor Adventure coordinator. “We had a strong summer and expect that level of interest to continue into winter.”

New classes include Winter Animal Tracking on Snowshoes, Backcountry Winter Camping, Sylvania Wilderness Backcountry Skiing, Basic Tree Felling, and a series of classes that take a deep dive to explore permaculture practices that individuals can implement in their gardens and other portions of their property that focus on wise use of natural resources. 

While many classes will be held entirely outdoors, many others will either start inside before heading out or be held entirely in a classroom. With the pandemic still reality, Nicolet requires everyone to wear a mask when inside any college building. 

For full details or register for an Outdoor Adventure class, visit or call the college at 715-365-4544.