Marcelis P. Smith, 28, of Wausau. Dec. 23, 2020: Armed robbery with the use of force, bail jumping

By Shereen Siewert

One of three men accused of robbing a man at gunpoint last December in Wausau, the second of the three to be convicted in the case, will be sentenced in February, court records show.

Marcelis P. Smith, 29, was convicted last month of armed robbery with the use of force and three counts of misdemeanor bail jumping in connection with the Dec. 21, 2020 armed robbery at the Rocket Apartments, 312 S. Third Ave., Wausau.

Police say the victim called 911 from a nearby gas station after a man pointed a gun at him and took all his money. The man said he was at a friend’s apartment when two people emerged from a hiding place, held his arms around his back, pointed a gun at him and took $240 cash before pushing him out the door. The victim told police one of the suspects made comments about “putting shells” in him or killing him if he didn’t cooperate, according to court documents.

Another suspect, 22-year-old Devonte Scoles, was convicted in April of armed robbery in the case. He was sentenced July 23 to four years in prison followed by eight years on extended supervision.

Jacob Lo, 18, is also charged in connection with the armed robbery. His case has not yet concluded.

Smith, of Wausau, remains behind bars. He will be sentenced Feb. 11.