Damakant Jayshi

Hours away from the expiry of the extended filing deadline for two districts of Marathon County Board of Supervisors there is still no candidate for Dist. 24, according to the County Clerk’s office.

The deadline for the two county seats for the spring election was extended on Jan. 4 as the incumbents, Jenifer Bizzotto (Dist. 2) and Brent Jacobson (Dist. 24) have filed neither the notice of noncandidacy nor the declaration of candidacy by their respective deadlines, Dec. 24 and Jan. 4. 

Destiny Goretski has filed a declaration of candidacy for Dist. 2. She is the only candidate for the seat and no one has filed for Dist. 24 at press time. Dist. 2 is in the city of Wausau and Dist. 24 is in Mosinee.

County Clerk Trueblood told Wausau Pilot & Review that if no one files for Dist. 24, candidates can run as a write-in.

“If no one runs as a write-in, then I believe there would be an appointment process similar to what happens if someone resigns during the term,” she said.

Trueblood also said that if a person wants to be a registered write-in, they must register with the county clerk by April 1. Otherwise, they can campaign as a write-in up until the election, Trueblood added.

The county clerk  also termed this “a highly unusual year in that there are so many opposed seats.” Typically, most districts only have a single candidate, she said. Nineteen seats – half of the 38-member body – have two candidates; the candidates in the other 19 will be elected unopposed unless there is a write-in candidate.

The local elections are set for Tuesday, April 5 and primaries are scheduled for Feb. 15. While no primaries will be required for the County Board of Supervisors unless there are at least three candidates for districts 2 and 24, primaries will be held for two seats on the City Council of Wausau

Both of those seats are open with their incumbents, Pat Peckam (Dist. 1) and Tom Neal (Dist. 4), not seeing reelection. For the remainder of the nine seats on 11-member City Council, four incumbents – Districts 3, 5, 8 and 11 – have drawn challengers and five are set to be reelected unopposed.