Jim Force, special to Wausau Pilot & Review

Teams skipped by Kim Susens and Ann Werth won the first and second events,
respectively, at the All American bonspiel at the Wausau Curling Center over the
January 15 weekend.

Kim Susens rink, winners of the first event (seated). Runnersup standing behind.

The first event winning Susens rink included Lisa Schroeder (lead), Brooke Ewert
(second) and Maureen Noteboom (vice).

First event runner-up was the team skipped by Lisa Landon, with Chrissy Kaupie
(lead), Judy Fries (second), and Patti Todd (vice).

Ann Werth rink, winners of second event (seated). Runnersup standing behind.

The second event winning Werth rink included Kimberly Taylor (lead), Annette
Esselman (second), and Samantha Diedrich (vice).

The Jane Christianson rink was second event runner-up, and included Kat BeBeau
(lead), Tracey Manock (second), and Valerie Gorichs (vice).

The next major event at the Curling Center will be the curling competition at the
Badger State Winter Games, Jan. 29-30.