Dear editor, 

I am writing in response to a comment made at the Monday, Jan. 24, Wausau School Board meeting. This comment was made by Mr. Bouche in reference to funding special education: “If we’re taking from somewhere else that’s affecting other students as well and a lot of times we forget about that.”

As a parent of children who are in special education that comment hurts. I think our children who are in special education deserve supports to help them succeed. They deserve an education just as much as “other” students. These kind of comments pit parents of neurotypical/physically typical children against parents of children with disabilities. These comments undervalue the role supported people with disabilities benefit all of society. This tells parents that their typical children are getting less because of children with disabilities.

I wish there had been more dialogue about this at the meeting. Instead there was a long conversation about sports teams. This shows me where priorities lie. In a world where parents like me are shown over and over again that our children are thought to be lesser and their lives are thought not to be as meaningful as others, it was disappointing and hurtful to hear this comment at the meeting. We can do better.                      

Laura Beltz of Wausau 

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