WHITING – Anovia Health, with clinics in Whiting and Weston, now accepts patients with traditional Medicare, the Wisconsin-based health care provider announced today.

Dr. Sabina Singh.

“Since opening our doors in August, we have had an increasing number of older individuals who have heard about our more personalized model of care characterized by longer visits and smaller patient-to-care team provider ratios. Because we were only accepting private pay or corporate-sponsored patients
at the beginning, these patients could not establish care through Anovia,” said Dr. Sabina Singh Anovia Health’s chief medical officer in a news release.

“We are committed to serving the community,” said Brian Dominick, president and CEO of Anovia Health. “Because of the interest shown by this segment of the community, we have become credentialed with Medicare and can now accept patients who are enrolled with traditional Medicare benefits.”

To learn more about Anovia health, visit www.anoviahealth.com.