WESTON – Anovia Health, a Wisconsin-based healthcare provider, recently
opened a new direct primary care clinic at 7402 Stone Ridge Drive in Weston. It follows the launch of Anovia’s first clinic in Whiting in August.

“In Wisconsin, and especially in central Wisconsin, we have some of the highest costs for healthcare in the nation and businesses and individual payers deserve another option from the current major preferred provider networks (PPOs) that are available to them,” said Brian Dominick Anovia Health, CEO.

In direct primary care clinics primary care doctors and their provider
teams are independent from hospital networks. This allows them to focus on the best interests of patients and payers rather than being limited to their hospital’s network of providers and prices.

“Today, the current healthcare system often focuses on limiting time
spent with the primary care team, pushes patients to expensive imaging tests, procedures and co-pays. There is a better way and we are proud to be bringing it to this community,” Dominick said in a news release.