State driver licenses and IDs are the most common forms of identification to show at the polls

Wisconsin driver licenses or IDs are the most common form of identification used for voting purposes. Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles encourages voters to check and be sure they have the proper identification needed to vote in the Spring Primary (Feb. 15). A federally-compliant REAL ID card is not required for voting purposes. Anyone who doesn’t have an ID to vote in the Spring Primary should start the process now.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission notes other forms of identification, such as military or student ID cards, are valid for voting purposes. To see if a card meets the requirements, visit the Wisconsin Elections Commission website.

Voters looking to get their first Wisconsin ID can turn to DMV for help. To obtain an official ID card, there are documentation requirements such as a birth certificate. If all documentation is not readily available, the ID Petition Process can be used to obtain a receipt valid for voting while the remaining documents or verifications are obtained. DMV offers this service and ID cards for voting purposes free of charge. DMV’s toll-free Voter ID hotline at (844) 588-1069 is available for questions on obtaining an ID to vote.

DMV’s website has a locator to help find the nearest DMV and check wait times (