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Dear editor,

I’m surprised that one of Lincoln county’s weekly publications, the Foto News,  published a headline last week warning of scams one week after front page endorsement of a scam. This, “people’s convoy” is a group of fringe, white wing extremists who believe their rights, choice, and freedoms in any way affect disease. If you catch cold, it is not because your rights were violated. If you get the flu, it is not a matter of choice or freedom. It is disease, and those things are irrelevant. As irrelevant as the eventual “convoy”.

Endorsement of extremists is something one would expect from OAN, News Max, or Fox. Publishing their manifesto, including a bastardized version of the Preamble to the Constitution is an endorsement of their biased and ignorant rational. Are we to expect more endorsements of fringe extremists? Will the Foto News endorse the violent insurrectionists who stormed the capitol? The Klan? How far will it go?

A letter to the editor expresses an opinion. Front page publishing of an extremist manifesto is endorsing that group and advocating their viewpoint. Unless the Foto News is planning on becoming a conservative propaganda forum, they will need to be more aware of their choices in this highly charged environment.

Doug Curtis, Gleason