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Dear Editor,

The Wausau Pilot has recently published a spate of op-eds from the Associated Press, the Wisconsin Examiner and others that continue to pooh-pooh the overwhelming findings that election laws were broken and that substantial voter fraud occurred here in Wisconsin during the 2020 election.  A powerful army composed of Democrat politicians, Pravda-like media, corrupt state bureaucrats, left wing organizations and yes, the occasional Republican “Rino” has persistently run interference, obstructed Judge Gableman and impeded those who would seek a true review of what occurred in this past election.

Immediately after the vote count, the various charges and claims of fraud were simply ignored, dismissed as conspiracy theories or worse yet, characterized as anti-American. But as the evidence grew and the outcry rose, our Soviet-style media sought to discredit these citizen whistleblowers that came forward. To date, nothing has been investigated by state authorities and certainly nothing has been heard by the courts. To say so is simply “legalese,” “misinformation” and more “fake new.”  The courts have side-stepped these cases, mostly citing “lack of standing” as an excuse for not hearing evidence or allowing them to proceed and our Democrat attorney general, Josh Kaul, in partisan fashion, chose to not pursue any of the numerous cases presented him. In fact, A.G. Kaul went so far as to intervene (unsuccessfully) to protect state and local officials from the subpoenas that Gableman’s legislative investigation sought. Sadly, to date, all of the evidence provided, and most of the investigation conducted, has been by ordinary citizens.

There were multiple cases and many types of old fashioned “Chicago machine” like fraud including unsupervised and corrupt “park” registrations, illegal alien voting, dead people voting, multiple voting and illegal vote harvesting at nursing homes. The list is endless. Most of these frauds are now made manually simple because of mail-in ballots, drop boxes and extended voting days. (Does anyone remember same day voting?) There is also “tech” facilitated cheating that exploits the dirty and ever-growing fraudulent voter rolls. (Why aren’t these people purged from the rolls?)  These dirty rolls provide the computer savvy with “blanks,” a list of fake people with fake addresses that can easily be voted as needed.

But the real crime, the more shocking crime is that the management, oversight and computer access of the election in the left-wing cities of Milwaukee, Madison, Racine, Kenosha and Green Bay was handed over to the Center for Tech and Civic Life (CTCL) a shell nonprofit creation of Mark (Facebook) Zuckerberg, explicitly designed for the removal of Donald Trump.  CTCL cronies from New York and Chicago, funded by “Zuckerbucks,” were actually handed the keys to the rooms containing the election computers by our own Wisconsin election officials. These illegal high-tech actors availed themselves to “real time” voting lists clean and dirty. Imagine if the shoe was on the other foot and the Koch brothers’ employees were so trusted with the election computers or the ballots themselves!

Autopsies and murder trials aren’t conducted to bring the victim back to life. They are performed for the benefit of knowledge, justice and closure. No one expects the 2020 election to be overturned and for Trump to be reinstated, but future confidence in Wisconsin elections demands a complete forensic examination.  

Orlando Alfonso, Wausau