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Dear editor,

The April 5th election for school board members offers voters a chance to select people who will help give full voice to members of our school district.  Like the general public, we know all of the candidates hold political views which may color their views on educational priorities.  Ideally, to fairly represent a district, a school board should have members with different perspectives who are able to reasonably discuss them and take decisions minimally influenced by partisan politics.

During this election cycle, one candidate, running on a slate with two others, makes it clear through Facebook posts that politics stand front and center for her.  She does not talk specifically about her qualifications to become a school board member who will help lead a district populated by students and parents with a broad range of beliefs, interests and educational needs and goals. 

Rather she touts her political affiliation, advocating for organizations, positions and people, some running for other local elected offices, with known political bias. Scrolling through her Facebook posts, it’s questionable that she could be a good listener to district members who don’t line up with her beliefs.

While her two male slate mates may not be publicly as blatantly political, they fully embrace their running mate and by implication do not object to politicization of the school board contest.

Voters must decide if they want to vote for a slate of candidates whose election would result in a school board dominated by political bias.  Hopefully they will seriously consider the two candidates running independently who will bring needed balance to a board that would be able to represent all district citizens.   

Mary Forsberg, Wausau