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Dear Editor and Marathon County residents,

We live in turbulent times to be sure, and the political landscape has been anything but placid over the last few years, but I have always been reassured by the down-to-earth nature of our local elections. That is, until this year.

As a local elected person, I know that there are precious few ways to interact with the public, to have them know your views and perspective, to give them a better understanding of who you are as a person, and whether or not they should vote for you or your opponent. The Wausau Pilot and Review has given ALL the candidates for the county board an opportunity and a platform to share their views, qualifications, and skillset to the voting public. After all, that is literally what matters most in the news.

And yet.

Many of the candidates either never replied to inquiries, or refused to reply (which is even worse), or literally said they were “too busy to respond”, which is the absolute antithesis to good governing. As hopeful electeds, we should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS stop what we’re doing and speak with our constituents. The most basic of tenets when it comes to local governance is being available to our residents and acting on their behalf. How exactly can one do that if they refuse to even say what they stand for?

Please pay attention to who was straightforward and honest and who was either absent or intentionally secretive. Local. Elections. Matter. And so does your choice. Please vote on April 5th.

Kristin Conway, Schofield