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Dear Editor,

The upcoming D. C. Everest school board election on April 5th is an opportunity for local residents to elect three school board members. A school board member should be committed to ensuring that every child has access to quality public education, so all kids can be successful.

Your vote should be for the individual candidate, not for a political party or a group of candidates. School board members are not lawmakers. A school board member is a representative of their community and a leader in the district. They are advocates of public education and an educated public.

The three incumbents (Joshua Dickerson, Lindsey Lewitzke and Bruce Krueger) are each running independently (not as a group of 3). Each incumbent is personally dedicated to the D.C. Everest School District, our community and most importantly to our students. Their political views are not a part of their campaign. Why do you ask? Because a school board election should be nonpartisan just as a school board should be.

An effective school board member must lead a district that consists of students and parents with various interests, educational needs, religious and political beliefs. A school board has to make decisions that take into consideration all of these interests, views and beliefs not just those that align with their own views and beliefs. D.C. Everest is a board of 7 members working collaboratively together with parents, teachers, administration and our community to do what is best for all. This is why the D.C. Everest school district has a tradition of excellence.

The current D.C. Everest School Board is a very diverse group of individuals from varied professional careers, cultures, political and religious views but they have worked as a team to lead and govern the schools and educational programs of the D.C. Everest School District. I feel they have done an outstanding job especially during recent unprecedented times. As a reminder, D.C. Everest students returned to school on Day 1 of the 2020-21 school year! In addition to the opportunity to return to the classroom, parents were offered the option of having their students participate in Everest Virtual Academy (EVA). EVA was created to give D.C. Everest families an opportunity to partake in virtual at-home learning in lieu of in-person learning. I think this speaks volumes to D.C. Everest’s commitment to parental choice.

Unless you work in a school, you can’t begin to imagine what it took behind the scenes to make this happen. The three incumbents are part of this team. Each incumbent has given back to D.C. Everest and our community in many ways. I urge you to educate yourself on the candidates and I believe you too will see the dedication and commitment each of the three incumbents has brought and continues to bring to our district and community.

I am a proud D.C. Everest Alumni, a mother of two D.C. Everest alumni, V.P. of the D.C. Everest Alumni Association and am currently a substitute teacher and a learning advocate in the D.C. Everest School District. I am most proud however to share that I was a D.C. Everest school board member from 2009-18. I am honored that I was elected to give back to a school district that has given me, my family and my community so much to be grateful for.

I endorse Joshua Dickerson, Lindsey Lewitzke and Bruce Krueger for the D.C. Everest school board election on April 5th. I respectfully ask that you re-elect these three incumbents so we can continue the tradition of excellence at D.C. Everest!


Diane Stroik