Dennis Smith (Photo: City of Wausau)

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Dear editor,

In a very short period of time the residents of District 3 will determine who they will elect to represent them in the Wausau City Council. I hope they will reelect their current alderperson Tom Kilian.

Tom and I first became acquainted when I was privileged to be serving as the alderperson for Wausau’s 11th District.

Tom came before the council to discuss the pollution that had been discovered in Riverside Park. Tom presented a compelling case as to the pollution in the park and why it needed to be addressed for the welfare of not only those citizens to visit the park, but also the overall health of the residents of District 3.

Tom’s presentation impressed me, so one cold and windy winter’s day Tom led me around the park pointing out possible sources of the pollution and what possibly could be done to mitigate its impact. As my ears turned to ice I could tell that Tom was truly concerned about a threat that had been ignored for far too long.

Keep in mind that this was before he was elected as the alderman for District 3. He was just a dedicated citizen of the district that cared deeply for his district and its residents.

I am no longer an elected official, but I must admit that I have watched a number of council meetings on line and have been impressed as to how Tom has stood up to the “Business as usual” environment that has permeated some aspects of city government. He has questioned the validity of numerous questionable matters that have come before the city council, matters that could require the possible expenditure of millions of taxpayer dollars.

It is apparent that Tom’s resistance to “go along to get along” has irritated members of the old boys club which had become accustomed to having the council rubber stamp any matter brought before them. His willingness to take an opposing view should be celebrated, not denigrated as occurred in a recent letter from a supporter of his opponent. A supporter who happens to be the husband of Wausau’s Assistant City Attorney.

Tom Kilian has done a great job in representing the residents of District 3 during his first term as their alderperson. I hope they will vote to let him continue to do the same.


Dennis R. Smith, Wausau

Dennis Smith previously represented Dist. 11 on the Wausau City Council