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Dear Editor: It’s time for this to stop!

A democracy needs to elect responsible and competent leaders, and we have someone who is responsible and competent and willing to take on the work and worry that an elected position requires.  Yet through the veil of social media (some) people are maligning and threatening Kayley McColley.  This is totally wrong and should end.

Kayley McColley is employed, putting herself through school and bringing forth important issues within our community.  Unfortunately, though, her strengths are not being appreciated. Kayley is a graduate of the Wausau public school system, a student at Northcentral Technical College, and a young professional (the kind we say we want to attract to our community), as well as a person familiar with mental health issues that are the focus of much discussion in our area. 

Certainly, Kayley has excellent credentials for running for Wausau School Board.  We need to treat her with respect and appreciate her willingness to step forward and run for office.  It takes courage and commitment to do so. 

Kayley McColley is running as an individual, and she wants to keep our public school system strong.   Her experience and insights align perfectly with the needs of our students.

Lucy Harvey, Wausau