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Dear Residents of Wausau, District 3

I would like to express my sincerest thanks to all.

I have knocked on your doors more than once, some even three times and I have always been greeted with a welcoming handshake and smile. 

I have enjoyed meeting each of you and I will miss the daily door to door communication we have shared. 

My life has taken me down many paths. Chances are, at one point or another, I’ve been where you are. 

I may not have degrees from prestigious universities but what I do have is a lot of life experiences, empathy, and a Doctorate degree from the School of Hard Knocks.

Together, we make Wausau a great city in which to live, work, and play!

My promise to each of you, should I be elected, is to be there for you. I will always listen and care. I will always work hard for you!

We face many challenges, but we are a great community that can face anything, together.  

My concern is to give a voice to all residents of Wausau, not just those who have the loudest voices, the squeaky wheels, but the quiet majority that are not heard. 

We must get back to basics. 

We cannot regulate or legislate peoples’ hearts and thoughts, by passing resolutions. It just doesn’t work that way!

We need to get our city government back on track doing the city’s real business.

We need our police force that is well funded and supported!

We need our small businesses AND our larger manufacturing businesses. These are our employers! We need our jobs!

We need our neighborhoods cleaned up, free from drugs and prostitution.

We need our roads repaired!

We need truly affordable and decent housing. 

YOU matter! YOU count! YOUR voice needs to be heard! 


Jo Ann Egelkrout

Candidate, Wausau City Council, District 3