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Dear editor,

When I started this race, I wasn’t positive how the community would respond to a call that we need judges that; (1) Are steady and treat everyone with respect. (2) That are studied, and have experience trying cases in Marathon County, and (3) That keep politics out of the Courtroom.   

I did know however that is what I wanted in a judge.  So with the promise to keep to those issues and never run a negative campaign against my opponent I set out on this amazing journey.  Throughout the time the outpouring of support from the community that my family has called home for over five generations has been overwhelming.   

Endorsements from my fellow Attorneys:  Atty. Mark Berg, Atty. Jack Bliss, District Attorney Edward Burke, Oconto County, Atty. Kevin Crooks, Atty. Roger Deffner, Atty. Keith Ellison, District Attorney Elizabeth Gebert, Langlade County, Atty. Zachary Glascock, Atty. Roya Habich, Atty. Rebecca Hillary, Atty. Michael Hughes, Assistant District Attorney Joe Kaupie, Shawano County, Prosecutor David Knaapen, Wood County, Atty. Jay Kronenwetter, Atty. Julieanne Lennon, Atty. Tammy Levit-Jones, Atty. Chad Lynch, Atty. William Mansell, Attorney Patrick McMenamin, Atty. James Miller, Atty. Dan Overby, Atty. Peter Rotter, Atty. Stuart Rottier, Atty. Sarah Ruffi, Atty. Andrew Schmidt, Assistant District Attorney Alex Seifert, Forest County, District Attorney Michael Schiek, Oneida County, District Attorney Charles Simono, Forest County, Atty. Greg Stacker, Atty. Jessica Tlusty, Atty. Shane VanderWaal, Attorney Mike Zell, Assistant District Attorney Kurt Zengler, Lincoln County,

As well as Endorsements from Judges, Law enforcement, elected officials from every political view, and Community Leaders, have truly left me in awe of my community. I thank them all from the bottom of my heart. And now, for the final time today I ask for your vote for Marathon County Judge Branch 2.

Thank you all.

Rick Cveykus, Marathon County Circuit Judge candidate