Dear editor,

I wanted to first thank the D.C. Everest community for their support and attention to the candidates for the recent election. I am honored to serve another three years.

We need to continue to focus on making DCE an innovative and leader district. Thus, I have a request to make. For those who had wished to donate or who wish to donate to DCE for the direct benefit of the students, there is a worthy fundraising campaign going on right now through the D.C. Everest Education Foundation. It is the foundation’s annual Imagine campaign that provides funds for grants to teachers and students for innovative and creative projects and programs outside the scope of the district’s budget. Over the past four years, the foundation has granted over $140,000 to worthy grants in the district.

We are about $8,000 short of our goal of $30,000 for our Imagine campaign. If you or your organization would like to donate to aid us in reaching our goal, we will be able to provide students with unique experiences that enhance their education.

Whether you donate $20, $200 or $2,000, every dollar of support helps the students of DCE. Thank you in advance for your consideration.

Lindsey Lewitzke, DCE School Board member, DCE Education Foundation president

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