WAUSAU Tickets are now on sale for the 50-year reunion of the Wausau High School East-West Class of 1972.

Three events will take place the weekend of July 29-30. In addition, there will be several Birds of a Feather, or BOF, activities that will allow smaller groups with similar interests to reconnect. These BOF activities start on July 27 and conclude July 31. Details and registration for both the events and Birds of a Feather activities are available using the “ticketing” page of the reunion website at www.whs72.org

Organizers of the reunion also ask classmates to visit the website to submit/update their contact information even if they do not plan on attending the reunion.

Numbering more than 850 people at graduation, the combined class of 1972 is the last graduating class to begin its high school education at Wausau High School, the only public high school in Wausau in 1970.