Pictured are Barry Maxfield, from left, Marc Babel (fireman), Joe Barlow, Joe Bozinski (fire chief), Tony Stange, Steve Peterson, Rick Schnabel, Ryan Wojicechowski, Jonathan Phelps, Albie Kramer, Jeremy Bozinski (fireman), Matthew Meyers, Barry Diehl and Dan Maguire. Photo courtesy Rick Schnabel.   

The Wausau Masonic Lodge recently donated a fire suppression tool to the Maine Fire Department. 

These devices are the latest in fire suppression technology and were developed by the U.S. and Israeli militaries. They weigh roughly 11 pounds and can be tossed into a burning room emitting an environmentally safe aerosol for 35 seconds. This is enough time to extinguish any fire in an enclosure up to 5,300 cubic feet. This unit will not deplete the oxygen and is safe for humans and pets.

While this unit will not replace the fire department, it can save lives by reducing the temperature of a fire from 1,000 degrees to 200 in 30 seconds, allowing the fireman quicker access to a building. This time can be critical in rescuing people and pets trapped in a burning structure. It also allows the first responder to begin fire suppression before the tanker trucks can be set up and deployed.

This fire suppression tool also helps minimize water damage as it leaves behind only a talc like powder that can be vacuumed up later.

Source: Rick Schnabel